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Euroshore offers an extensive range of stock to accommodate the diverse market for semi-finished materials used for plastic machining and fabrication in the form of sheets, plates, rods, tubes and blocks. Custom sizes on all general plastics materials are available.

Plastics Engineering Consulting

Euroshore’s commitment to excellence and unrivaled product knowledge enables us to assist you in all aspects of your plastic fabrication, machining and production processes. Whatever the requirement, we can offer guidance and solutions on all of your bespoke plastic needs.

Our broad range of high-performance and general plastics offer many advantages over, and is an economical alternative to, other materials such as metal or aluminium – and we can help you in making the correct material selection.

Euroshore Sdn Bhd was established in 1991 to cater to growing demands for quality supply of semi-finished engineering plastics stock shapes.

At the time, one of the only engineering plastics promoted in Malaysia was our Thermo 43® (a Ruhrchemie AG UHMW processed by Deutsche Holzveredelung Alfons & Ewald Schmeing oHG, Germany).

It was a one-product market back then which, nevertheless, did very well. At present, semi-finished materials available in the market range from general engineering plastics to high-performance materials.

Today, Euroshore stands for a wide range of top-quality semi-finished products, finished parts from partners and innovative solutions that consistently meet our clients’ requirements in various industries.

Global plastics, rubber and semiconductor trade fairs in which our representatives have participated:

Plastic Materials Catalogue

We offer a diverse selection of plastic materials in our full catalogue. Please get in touch with us for any and all enquiries related to availability, lead times or to order specific grades for your custom-made plastic parts, pieces or projects.

Engineering Plastics from Euroshore

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