Antistatic plastic sheet, also known as ESD plastic sheet, static dissipative plastic sheet or conductive plastic sheet, are electrostatic discharge (ESD) plastic materials which protect devices that are sensitive to electrostatic by reducing, inhibiting or eliminating the buildup or discharge of static electricity.

Euroshore offers antistatic plastic sheet, ESD plastic sheet, static dissipative plastic sheet and conductive plastic sheet in various materials such as PVC, PEEK, POM and laminate for use in situations where properties of the aforementioned materials are needed, and protection from static discharge is also a requirement.

ESD can damage electrostatically sensitive products such as electrical components and computer hard drives, and can even ignite flammable liquids and gases. Static control plastic materials offer antistatic protection by neutralizing static electricity, thus avoiding costly damage due to ESD. ESD plastic materials are used to produce ESD parts and components in industries such as defense and explosives, electronics, industrial equipment, manufacturing, printing and telecommunications.

Antistatic plastics, alternatively referred to as static control plastics, are available in sheets, rods and bars and generally come in colours such as black and beige; please communicate with us for more details.

ESD/Static Dissipative Plastic Sheet

Also available:

  • Antistatic clear plastic sheet (PVC);
  • Antistatic polycarbonate sheet;
  • Antistatic acrylic sheet;
  • UHMW PE1000 ESD sheet; and
  • Antistatic rubber sheet/ESD rubber mat/conductive rubber sheet.