Extruded plastic profiles are supplied in several shapes and forms by Euroshore. Used for vast numbers of purposes in different fields such as building, construction and material or unit handling, we supply plastic profiles suitable for most requirements.

Some of the most common profiles in use, comprising various materials, include plastic T-profile, plastic L-profile, Z-profile, plastic square bar, plastic flat bar and plastic round bar. For more standard or custom profile shapes, please contact us.

Acetal Bar

Acetal square bar, acetal flat bar, acetal round bar

Polycarbonate Profiles

Polycarbonate square bar, polycarbonate flat bar, polycarbonate round bar

PVC Profiles

PVC bar, PVC square bar, PVC flat bar, PVC round bar, PVC solid bar, PVC square rod, PVC solid round bar

HDPE Profiles

HDPE bar, HDPE square bar, HDPE flat bar, HDPE round bar, HDPE rectangular bar, custom shape

UHMW Profile

UHMW square bar, UHMW flat bar, UHMW round bar, UHMW T-profile, UHMW L-profile, UHMW Z-profile, custom shape

Nylon Profiles

Nylon bar, nylon square bar, nylon flat bar, nylon round bar, nylon rectangular bar, nylon solid bar, nylon square rod, custom shape

Fiberglass Profile

Fiberglass flat bar, fiberglass square bar, fiberglass round bar

Polypropylene Bar

We also offer polypropylene bar. Please check with us for availability.