Choosing the correct food grade plastic sheet for your application involves working with a trusted supplier — Euroshore has almost 3 decades of knowledge and experience working with the food processing industry in Malaysia.

Some of the food grade plastic sheets we offer include:

Food grade plastic

Food grade materials are used in various packaging and manufacturing processes. They include food grade plastic material intended for use in manufacturing, packing, packaging, transporting, holding, handling or processing food.

Our food grade plastic sheets meet or exceed the high standards of safety and performance demanded by the food handling and processing industries.

Used in food processing machinery and plants that deal with dairy products, baked goods, meats and fish and others, food safe plastic sheets have several advantages when compared to other materials (metal for e.g.). These include having resistance to cleaning agents, requiring no lubrication and being lightweight, all of which are factors that help increase the efficiency of the production line.

All of our food safe plastic sheets can be machined and fabricated into parts and components such as chain guidesscrapersgearsrollers, cutting boards, sliding bearings and bushings for food processing equipment and machinery.

If you have more questions about which plastics are food grade or food safe, contact our team of friendly plastic experts for assistance.