Euroshore is a principal supplier of engineering plastic rod in Malaysia. Since 1991, we have been providing our customers with semi-finished materials for vast amounts of applications across different markets, including food handling and processing, metal and steel, electric power and lighting, construction and more.

We carry large selections of in-stock engineering plastic rod in various diameters, lengths and colours, such as POM/Acetal rod (good machinability), MC Nylon rod (high toughness) and PE rod (affordability and ease of machining). Also available are large-diameter rods in various materials, for example HDPE rod (available on request) and MC Nylon (current stock up to 450mm).

All of our engineering plastic rod can be easily fabricated and machined, and we provide consultation for the same. Our thermoplastics stock shapes are used in the manufacture of plastic parts and components, which are often deployed in harsh environments as reliable alternatives to other materials such as glass, metal and aluminium.

For information on availability and to request a quote for your requirements, please get in touch with us.

We also supply a range of engineering plastic sheets and plastic tubes.

General Engineering Plastic Rod

High-performance Engineering Plastic Rod