Euroshore has 30 years of expertise as a leading supplier of engineering plastic sheet in Malaysia. Our specialized industrial plastic sheet portfolio allows us to meet customers’ requirements across many fields including automotive, chemical, oil and gas, pulp and paper, laboratory equipment and more.

Popular engineering plastic sheet materials we stock include polycarbonate (strength and optical clarity), PE sheet (wear resistance),  PTFE/Teflon sheet (resistance to heat), PVC (chemical resistance), PET (excellent glide properties) and PEEK (long service life).

We can also offer materials that are, for instance, antibacterial, antistatic, metal or x-ray detectable, food grade or noise reducing as required. Combinations of different properties are possible.

All of our industrial plastic sheets can be converted into custom plastic parts or components, and we provide plastic fabrication and machining consultation for a broad spectrum of applications. For any enquiries, please reach out to us.

Other semi-finished polymers we offer include engineering plastic rod and plastic tube.

General Engineering Plastic Sheet

High-performance Engineering Plastic Sheet