Bevel Gears

Euroshore supplies bevel gears with lightweight yet robust build that ensures smooth and efficient power transmission. Bevel gears are ideal for a wide range of industries due to their ability to transmit motion and power at different angles. Common applications include automotive differentials for efficient power distribution and industrial machinery for precise torque transmission.

Polymer Gears

  • Acetal/Delrin/POM gears
  • Nylon gears – helical gears, spur gears, pinion gears, miter gear, worm gear, sprockets gears, cogs, gear wheels, gear rack, rack and pinion gear, small nylon gears
  • HDPE gears
  • Tufnol gears
  • Plastic gears – dryer cylinder gear, rotary dryer gear, crown gear, compound gear, internal ring gears, worm screw