Euroshore’s webbing cargo nets (also known as polyester cargo netting or lifting net) are widely deployed across the construction, logistics, military, offshore, port and shipping industries in Peninsula and East Malaysia.

These heavy-duty polyester cargo nets are ideal for handling odd-shaped cargo that prove difficult to sling, such as multiple boxes, bags, bagwork, bales and so on. Besides the loading and unloading of cargo, cargo webbing also function to secure loads and minimize shifting during transport, as well as to deter theft.

Our cargo nets are commonly utilized by cargo helicopters, ships and trucks for air, sea and land transportation. These top-of-the-range lifting nets:

  • come with corner strops for ease of handling;
  • have a safe working load within 3000-5000 kgs or 3-5 tonnes; and
  • are resistant to sea water, oil, UV-radiation and most acids.

Custom-made cargo nets supplied by us are also used as safety nets and in obstacle courses as flexible ladders for climbing and descending. Made of strong and lasting polyester material, these heavy-duty lifting cargo nets are more durable than their rope counterparts.

Cargo net supplier in Malaysia

We supply polyester webbing cargo net in various sizes and dimensions. Customized sizes and capacities are available on request. Common sizes for custom-made cargo nets include:

Dimension Mesh (inch)
7ft x 7ft 4 or 6
8ft x 8ft 4, 6, 8
10ft x 10ft 4, 6, 8
12ft x 12ft 4, 6, 8