Project Description

Our webbing cargo net (also known as polyester cargo netting or lifting net) is widely used across Malaysia. These heavy-duty polyester cargo nets are suitable for handling odd-shaped cargo that prove difficult to sling i.e. multiple boxes, bags, bagwork, bales etc.

Commonly utilized by cargo helicopters and ships for transportation, these top-of-the-range lifting nets:

  • come with corner strops for ease of handling; and
  • have a safe working load within 3000 kgs.

Cargo nets common sizes

We supply polyester webbing cargo net in various sizes and dimensions.

Dimension Mesh (inch)
7ft x 7ft 4 or 6
8ft x 8ft 4, 6, 8
10ft x 10ft 4, 6, 8
12ft x 12ft 4, 6, 8