Project Description

Conveyor belt scraper blades (also known as conveyor belt cleaners) made of Acetal sheet, which is normally used when a food-grade rigid plastic is required.

Depending on usage, conveyor belt scraper blades are also manufactured from other types of materials such as polyurethane or UHMW. They come in any profile and various widths and lengths.

High-temperature and food-grade materials are also available, please enquire.

Primary Belt Scraper

The primary belt scraper, also known as primary belt cleaner, scrapes or cleans residual material from belting, rollers and other surfaces, and is suitable when sticky and moist or coarse material is transported.

Secondary Belt Cleaner

The secondary belt cleaner removes excess material that the primary belt cleaner leaves on the belt. Usually used together with a primary belt scraper for best results, secondary belt cleaners can also be used on their own if the transported material is fine and dry.

Key benefits

Main advantages include:

  • chemical resistance;
  • high temperature resistance;
  • durability – Fewer blade replacements are necessary;
  • resistance to abrasion;
  • non-toxic;
  • low coefficient of friction; and
  • colour-coded.

Polyurethane Scraper

Polyurethane scrapers are known for being ultra durable with high tear and abrasion resistance. They are used for various industrial applications and are popular alternatives to the types made of other plastic material.