Conveyor drive rollers made of plastic are designed for lightweight loads. Combined with stainless steel spindles and bearings, they are great for use in washdown or humid environments. Sealed bearing rollers are also available for strenuous applications and may be used as belt return rollers.

PVC rollers are mainly used for light-duty applications. Non-marring and non-marking PVC plastic rollers are better at protecting material than all-metal ones.

Polyurethane-coated rollers are some of the most resistant to abrasion. Polyethylene rollers are used for non-stick applications.

Replace damaged rollers or use multiple rollers to build a custom conveyor.

Key benefits

Main advantages include:

  • low-cost alternative to stainless steel tube rollers;
  • high noise reduction;
  • high level of protection for sensitive materials;
  • with a higher coefficient of friction, improved conveyance of materials is achieved compared with a steel tube;
  • ideal for use in washdown, wet or humid environments;
  • non-marking benefits during contact with white top surfaces of modular or flat belts;
  • free running capability for lightweight loads; and
  • plastic conveyor rollers are available in multiple colours.

Polyurethane Roller

Plastic conveyor drive rollers made of polyurethane.