Top: Material handling trolley suitable for usage across multiple industries.

Also known as transfer trolley or transport trolley, material handling trolleys are industrial trolleys used to facilitate the swift and easy movement of different types of items from one place to another, while at the same time ensuring that the items are transported in a stable and secure manner.

Trolley designs for material handling come in various forms and can have features including the requirement that items should not touch each other, as well as other features including easy loading and unloading of items.

Commonly made of MC901 nylon sheets, nylon trolleys are known for their durability and sturdy construction, making them an ideal choice as a material movement trolley or material shifting trolley.

They are used in all types of material handling facilities, including storage facilities and transfer facilities, whether manual, semi-automated or automated. Items transported may consist of metal parts, plastic parts, fragile parts or painted parts consisting of regular or irregular shapes.