PEI/Ultem sheet and rod

PEI (Ultem) rod or polyetherimide rod is an amber transparent high performance polymer that combines great strength, rigidity and toughness at high temperatures.

Ultem, polyetherimide (PEI) rod

Stock shapes availability – We supply PEI rod and Ultem rod in various lengths and diameters.

Filled grades

Also available: PEI (Ultem) sheet.

Trade names: Ultem 1000 rod, Ultem 2300 rod, polyetherimide rod

Application examples

  • Automotive
  • Electronic and electrical parts
  • Food industry
  • Medical and dental industries
  • Semiconductor
  • UV and gamma radiation

Key benefits

  • Chemical resistance
  • Excellent hydrolysis resistance (suitable for repeated steam sterilization)
  • High mechanical strength
  • Microwave
  • Physiologically inert (suitable for food contact)
  • Very high maximum, allowable service temperature (150 – 220ºC)

Machinability: 7


*Machinability index 1-10 (1 = easiest)