Polycarbonate sheet, or PC sheet, displays high rigidity and an extreme impact strength even at low temperatures. It is a non-optical industrial grade (translucent). Optical grades are available up to 12mm thickness.

Polycarbonate sheet supplier

Stock shapes availability: We supply polycarbonate sheet (PC sheet) in various sizes and thicknesses (Polycarbonate sheet 0.5mm to 50mm).

Filled grades – glass-filled polycarbonate sheet

Also available: Polycarbonate Rod.

Application examples

  • Electronic and electrical applications
  • Food contact parts and components
  • Jigs and fixtures
  • Security case

Key benefits

  • Ease of machining
  • Projectile resistant
  • Tough and durable (applications where high impact is required)
  • Very good electrical properties
  • Where clarity of encasement is needed

Machinability: 3


*Machinability index 1-10 (1 = easiest)


Clear polycarbonate sheet, also known as transparent plain polycarbonate sheet, and solid polycarbonate sheet (semi transparent polycarbonate) are available.