Vespel rod

Polyimide rod (PI) – Vespel‘s unfilled base resin provides maximum physical strength and toughness. Also known as Vespel rod, the material is widely found in semiconductor applications.

Tough yet compliant Vespel parts perform consistently in a variety of physical environments that cause common materials to fail. Where trouble-free operation is key to commercial success, Vespel parts can help keep your product running reliably.

Polyimide supplier

Stock shapes availability: We supply Polyimide rod (PI) and Vespel rod in various lengths and diameters.

Filled grades

Also available: Polyimide Sheet – Vespel.

Application examples

  • Clamps
  • Nests
  • Sockets
  • Other semiconductor parts
  • Wafer handling

Key benefits

  • Excellent wear
  • Good operating temperature from cyrogenic to 300°C
  • High purity
  • Maximum strength

Machinability: 3


*Machinability index 1-10 (1 = easiest)



Dark brown