From small to large, we offer coating and restoration of rollers, shafts and wheels with polyurethane or rubber for a vast range of applications.

The versatility of polyurethane has resulted in an increase in its usage for applications where rubber would traditionally have been the material of choice.

Many applications that previously used rubber feed rollers are changing to polyurethane because of the material’s:

  • superior load bearing capabilities;
  • excellent abrasion and cut resistance; and
  • ability to retain excellent grip.

We cater for industries as diverse as automotive, food processing and production, manufacturing, marine, pharmaceutical, printing, packaging, water and sewage treatment and woodworking to name a few.

Examples of surfaces that polyurethane coatings can be applied to include:

Metallic core
carbon steel;
stainless steels; and
steel alloys,

Non-metallic core
carbon fibre;
glass fibre; and

Our polyurethane roller and wheel repair and recovery service includes:

  • conveyor rollers;
  • drive wheels;
  • finishing equipment;
  • folding machines rollers;
  • gluing rollers;
  • laminator rollers (hot: rubber or silicone/cold: PU);
  • packaging machine rollers;
  • printing press rollers;
  • unit/material handling rollers;
  • varnishing rollers.

Available in a range of colours and hardness, from 20 to 95 shore A.