Air hoist pulley made of polyacetal.

POM/Delrin pulleys are used for numerous applications ranging from drive systems and power transmissions to motion control and mechatronics. These custom pulleys  are manufactured from Delrin, also commonly known as polyoxymethylene (POM) or acetal material.

Delrin acetal homopolymer has unique qualities and specifications including self-lubrication, resistance to chemical corrosion, high melting point and excellent tensile strength. This polymer of formaldehyde works very well in the manufacturing and production of all types of bearings, gears, pulleys, washers and wheels.

Custom pulleys made from Delrin are easily machinable. Being lightweight and strong, the material offers several practical benefits over alternatives such as aluminum and steel.

With proven applications in the automotive, construction, machinery and manufacturing fields, custom pulleys made from Delrin are solutions that, when cost considerations are paramount, does not compromise on quality.