For years, we have been fulfilling requests for rubber castings and coatings, consistently delivering tailored solutions to satisfied customers across various industrial and technological sectors.

Rubber Casting/Coating

Depending on the specific formulation, rubber coatings and castings can offer benefits such as increased grip, vibration damping, and corrosion resistance. Our rubber castings and coatings are designed to meet the demands of diverse applications, ensuring your parts withstand the toughest conditions with ease.

Examples of surfaces that EPDM, nitrile or silicone coatings or castings can be applied to include:

Metallic core
carbon steel;
stainless steels; and
steel alloys,

Non-metallic core
carbon fibre;
glass fibre; and

Elevate the performance of your parts with our precision rubber casting and coating services – speak to us today for customized solutions.