Large-diameter spur gears.

Large Spur Gear

Euroshore supplies large-diameter spur gears, also known as straight-cut gears, for use in several industries. From internal spur gears and external spur gears to large spur gears, we are able to provide different types of gears for your custom-made setup.

Small plastic spur gears.

Small Spur Gear

We also supply custom-made small spur gears that are known for their durability and reliability in motion control systems. These small spur gears are engineered to deliver unparalleled performance in compact applications.

For more information on features, specifications, or assistance in choosing the best plastic for gears, please get in touch with us.

Polymer Gears

  • Acetal/Delrin/POM gears
  • Nylon gears – bevel gear, helical gears, worm gear, cogs, sprockets gears, spur gears, gear wheels, pinion gears, gear rack, rack and pinion gear, small nylon gears
  • HDPE gears
  • Tufnol gears
  • Plastic gears – rotary dryer gear, dryer cylinder gear, crown gear, compound gear, internal ring gears, miter gear, worm screw