Polyurethane parts and components are able to withstand difficult operating environments and thus, perform vital roles across many industries. With many desirable qualities, polyurethane material is especially known for its resistance to abrasion. In many situations, parts and components manufactured out of polyurethane have been shown to outlast and outperform other materials such as steel in abrasive environments.

Polyurethane parts and components have many uses across multiple fields, including:

  • polyurethane automotive parts and components – bushing;
  • polyurethane wheels – caster wheels, forklift drive and load wheels, grocery and industrial carts wheels, rollercoaster wheels;
  • polyurethane gaskets and spacers;
  • polyurethane pipe fittings;
  • food processing equipment – food scrapers, polyurethane drive rollers etc.; and
  • wire and cable coatings.

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