Project Description

Top: Large, heavy-duty caster wheels made of polyurethane (PU).

Industrial caster wheels are devices that help facilitate the smooth and easy movement of bigger objects. They usually consist of special housings that include wheels, axles, and some may even incorporate braking options.

The correct type of wheel and rig for the appropriate working environment can drastically improve movement and durability.

Different material combinations are available, including polyurethane wheels, nylon wheels, rubber wheels and polypropylene wheels as well as aluminium and cast iron cores.

Heavy-duty caster wheels

Many industrial applications require the movement or transfer of large, heavy items. This can be achieved with the help of heavy-duty caster wheels, which are commonly found in shipyards, automotive, aerospace and heavy industrial plants.

Industrial caster wheels

Industrial wheels and casters are also widely used across many sectors. They can range in size from small casters normally used for equipment or furniture to large industrial casters. Individual load capacities begin from 45kg or less to 45 tonnes.

Large caster wheels

Large caster wheels are commonly utilized in factories, manufacturing facilities, warehouses, and distribution centers. These large casters, or even extra large casters, are commonly made of durable materials such as polyurethane. A larger wheel diameter and width is capable of providing a higher weight capacity due to the way the load’s weight is distributed across a larger surface area.

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