Euroshore supplies a selection of precision plastic balls for industrial applications and consumer products in different materials such as polypropylene (PP) balls, polyethylene (PE) balls, teflon (PTFE) balls, nylon (PA) balls and acetal (POM) balls.

Additionally, advanced or high-performance engineering plastics such as Torlon balls and PEEK balls are available for high heat, high load applications.

Whether you are looking for solutions that are chemical resistant, corrosion resistant, non-conductive or lightweight, please contact us for more information.

Common application examples: Bearings, rollers, ball seal valves, check valves, flow and liquid level indicators.

Solid plastic balls

  • Nylon balls – Besides seal and bearing applications, Nylon balls are good choices for applications that require a lightweight, resilient and abrasion-resistant material that performs well in hot, chemically aggressive and humid environments.
  • Acetal balls/Delrin balls – Acetal balls, also known as Delrin balls, offer stable chemical, electrical and mechanical properties over a broad temperature range for extended periods of time. They have a low coefficient of friction against metals and are used in valve, pump, rolling and slide applications.
  • PVC balls – Euroshore supplies solid PVC balls in standard grey color. These precision-ground, solid thermoplastic balls are normally used for purposes including chemical processing and ball seal valves.
  • PEEK balls – PEEK balls are a high-performance or advanced engineering thermoplastic. PEEK grade offers water and chemical resistance similar to PPS, but can operate at higher temperatures. PEEK remains unaffected without permanent loss in physical properties during continuous exposure to hot water or steam and is an excellent bearing & seal material in hostile environments.
  • Torlon balls – Torlon balls are known as one of the best choices for recirculating ball bearings, frac balls, check balls and marine applications due to their performance in key areas such as high load, high strength, wear resistance, toughness and good temperature resistance.
  • PTFE balls (Teflon balls) – PTFE balls, also known as Teflon balls, consist of a non-friction material with resistance to most corrosive agents. They are electrically non-conductive and are especially suitable for usage in apparatus that handle cryogenic liquids and acids. Commonly used in ball seal valves, they are lightweight and feature high-purity, resistance to corrosion, performance under high-temperatures and an extremely low coefficient of friction.
  • Polyethylene (PE) balls – Used in many electronic, medical and pharmaceutical applications, polyethylene balls are cost-efficient, provide great resistance to abrasion and posses high impact properties. PE balls are frequently used to minimize fumes and odors, as their smooth surface without welts or rims prevents chemicals from depositing.

Also available:

  • PVDF balls
  • Polypropylene Balls
  • Polycarbonate Balls
  • Glass-Filled Nylon Balls
  • HDPE Balls
  • UHMW Balls