Project Description

Nylon high-performance gear.

Euroshore supplies an assortment of plastic gear types for use across numerous fields of industry. From small yet high-performance plastic gears for electric motors, to large-diameter plastic gears that are constantly at work behind the scenes in manufacturing yards and plants, we are able to provide different types of gears for your custom-made setup.

For more information on features, specifications, or assistance in choosing the best plastic for gears for your application, please get in touch with us.

Polymer Gears

  • POM gears, Acetal spur gear, Delrin spur gear, Acetal gears, Delrin gears
  • Nylon gears – Nylon worm gear, Nylon sprockets gears, Nylon cogs, Nylon helical gears, Small nylon gears, Nylon spur gear, Nylon bevel gear, Nylon gear rack, Nylon rack and pinion gear, Nylon pinion gears, Nylon gear wheels
  • HDPE gears
  • Tufnol gears

Plastic Gear Types

  • Plastic rack and pinion
  • Plastic worm gear
  • Plastic bevel gear
  • Plastic helical gears
  • Plastic miter gears
  • Plastic internal ring gear
  • Plastic crown gear
  • Plastic compound gear
  • Plastic worm screw