Project Description

Heavy-duty nylon guide rollers with bearings.

Nylon guide rollers with bearings have long service life, high durability and can help reduce noise and vibration.

Small nylon guide wheels are made using cast polyamide (PA6G) and have excellent load-bearing capabilities. The PA6G range offers some of the highest possible load capacities by size for any small nylon roller wheels currently on the market. The material has good resistance to chemicals, common oils and greases, and is also wear and tear resistant.

The nylon wheel with bearings are produced using a high grade of nylon bonded to a steel centre and come with heavy duty ball bearings. The wheels, which are capable of carrying very high loads especially at lower speeds, have a long life span.

Complete with high quality ball bearings, nylon rollers with sealed bearings are designed for heavy-duty usage. The nylon ball bearing rollers consist of a high grade thermoplastic polyamide bonded directly around the ball bearing. The high load capacity tread of the nylon wheels with ball bearings is non-marking.

Nylon guide wheels have outstanding mechanical properties and can operate effectively and efficiently at both high and low temperatures. The popularity of nylon rollers with bearings continue to grow, and their uses becoming ever-expanding. This is owed, in large part, to their versatility, ease of production and low associated costs.