Maximize the efficiency and durability of your machinery with our silicone roller coating and recoating services. Whether your silicone rollers are showing signs of wear or you’re aiming to improve their performance, our specialized solutions are crafted to suit your unique requirements.

Silicone boasts impressive temperature resistance, excelling up to 220°C, coupled with outstanding release properties. Additionally, its capacity to maintain physical integrity even in frigid conditions as low as -40°C makes it well-suited for applications in cold food processing and packing lines.

Typical application for our silicone products

Our silicone products find widespread application in various industries:

  • Textile and thermal imaging industries benefit from our silicone fusing rollers;
  • Food and pharmaceutical packaging machines utilize our silicone sealing rollers;
  • Label and tape conversion machines rely on our silicone nip and drive rollers; and
  • Graphic arts industries use our silicone encapsulating and laminating rollers.

For straightforward and effective silicone roller coating and recoating, contact us today to enhance the functionality and longevity of your machinery.